West Kansas :: Western Lifestyle Photography

Tuesday morning starts early at Cimarron River Cattle Co. . The night sky slowly warms to a dull blue, then the red sun starts making its way over the flat Kansas landscape. Rodney and Sadie move about the yard with their daughter always close, the first feeding starts. Calves, dogs, horses and William, the large and in charge feline, are all lively pieces of the working family. Each member knows their part, and on my end, there is no questioning how much ownership and pride they each put into their work. When the morning chores are over, lunch is eaten where they sell out of chicken fried steak. 

Later in the day we cleaned up and spent the last bit of sunshine walking fields and alleys, sipping cold drinks, pausing little moments of time. 

For Sadie and Rodney another day is finished up and they will start over tomorrow morning. 

It was such an honor to be invited into their home to document their everyday, all the ordinary, and all the beauty that goes into what they do, and the life they live. 

Alyssa Henry Photography